Welcome to GENSIGNIA

GENSIGNIA is a privately held molecular diagnostics company located in San Diego specializing in microRNA signatures as diagnostic tools.

Our goal is the development and commercialization of proprietary blood-based oncology tests that detect cancer earlier with greater accuracy. Proprietary tests will be offered through GENSIGNIA clinical laboratory (CLIA) starting in 2015.

Our focus is lung cancer detection, in which we have strong intellectual property for the detection of lung cancer by a minimally invasive test based on a signature pattern of microRNAs, detectable in a blood specimen.

GENSIGNIA was founded in 2011, based on leading academic research, to develop new molecular diagnosis techniques for the earlier detection of cancers. Our discoveries show that it is possible to detect signatures of cancer in blood through the identification of tiny nucleic acid fragments, called miRNAs. Based on promising data, we are looking to build a strong clinical test platform that will enable earlier diagnosis, and therefore improve survivability, of the most prevalent, lethal cancers, such as lung cancer. 

Key Points

GENSIGNIA is a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to developing new techniques for the early detection of cancer
  • Founded in 2011
  • Based in San Diego, CA
  • Developing miRNA-based early cancer detection diagnostic tests
  • Early cancer detection greatly improved patient survival
  • Proprietary technology
  • Inital focus on lung cancer